Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

AAA Legal is a specialized law firm for high-value and complex arbitration matters and maintains track record of success for the clients. AAA Legal has legal excellence and pioneering approach to complex arbitrations. The focus is always on delivering quality legal services in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

AAA Legal offers expert alternative dispute resolution services including claim assessment, data assimilation, claim computation, engaging experts, preparing pleadings, leading submissions and arguments, assisting in preparation of evidence etc.

AAA Legal believes in the factum that Alternative dispute resolution is beneficial to both parties and it ensures effective as well as timely resolution of the disputes. AAA Legal, being led by experienced professionals, has acknowledged expertise in advising corporate clients on several matters. AAA Legal shall be happy to share the list of past cases and experience in a separate file, if so desired. AAA Legal has experienced professional who have advised and worked on arbitration under the aegis of SIAC, LCIA, ICC Rules and dealt with cases under Singapore as well as under Indian laws. The team extensively works on contested Petitions/ Applications under Section 8, 9,11,16,17, 34, 37 and 48 of the Arbitration Act,1996.

AAA Legal has handled arbitration & dispute resolution for several sectors including but not limited to loan default, energy and wind maintenance disputes, Infrastructure & construction disputes, real estate related claims and Telecom issues.

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